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I think that there are many people who are suffering from “I’ve lost my hair recently” and so on.
If you do not feel Kosi or Hari in hair such as aging or disturbance of lifestyle habits, you may be able to revive the hair of the previous hair by adding one ingenuity to everyday eating habits in parallel with hair tonic etc. I do not.

The nutrient you want to ingest as a way to thicken your hair in diet is Zubari “protein” .
Protein is an indispensable nutrient to make healthy hair, it is included in meat and fish, soy products, so we want to actively take it.

However, meat and fish for too even while eating is a good high-quality protein in the hair nutrition can lead to poor physical condition biased, it is heavy to take well other nutrients and balance is essential.
Furthermore, it is important to ingest “vitamin B6” which promotes the production of protein and “vitamin E” to promote metabolism, which are contained in many nuts and eggs.
Eat balanced diet to make hair thick

You should not be too nervous to take these nutrients, but we encourage you to eat well-balanced vegetable-based Japanese food .

Also, if you use supplements with meals, excessive drinking too much to expect an effect will harm your body so let’s keep your usage .
How to thicken hair ~ Hair Care Edition ~
I think that there are many people who have stopped feeling elasticity and elasticity in hair compared to before.

Hair care for thickening hair
The cause of lack of hair in hair is various, such as aging, genetic, sexual hormones and so on, but one of the causes is considered to be “wrong hair care” , and as a method to make hair thicker, review daily shampoo You might as well look at it.
When the circulation of the scalp is bad, nutrition does not spread to the tip of the hair and the hair gradually becomes thinner, so if you do massage the scalp while shampooing, you can expect a blood circulation promotion effect .
Let’s rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water as shampoo and rinse are left on the scalp and pores become clogged and hair becomes thinner and it will come off.

Eliminate stress to thicken hair
Permas and hair color will cause hair damage, so it is desirable to open the sun if you do both.
And ultraviolet rays are not good not only for your skin but also for your hair so let ‘s try to protect your head with a hat or parasol as much as possible.

Also, people with the same hairstyle for a long time and people who share the part in the same place may have a burden on the scalp.
Sometimes it may be good to change your hairstyle for image change .